Thursday, November 20, 2008

4th World Urban Forum, Nanjing 2008

When I attended the Asia Pacific Housing Minister's Meeting in Tehran in March, each of us delegates was given special commemorative stamps. So I was not surprised when I opened my bag when I attended the 4th World Urban Forum in Nanjing, I found a commemorative album with stamps, first day cover and two miniature sheets. Three of them are all related to the Urban Forum but one of them is not. The second miniature sheet was an older 2005 miniature sheet which was commemorating Admiral Zheng when he set sail for his seven voyages in the early 15th century from Nanjing. Here are all four of the philatelic items:-

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kai said...

That Junks M/S is nice. What are those grey/white circles on the top margin? Are they menat to be the moon?