Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Day Cover 1968

In 1967, stamps were prepared for the opening of the new building which will house the Broadcasting and Information Department (Jabatan Penyiaran dan Penerangan) and Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Language and Literature Bureau) at the corner of Jalan Stoney and Jalan Elizabeth II. However the stamps were not issued in 1967 and were instead issued in 1968. By then His Royal Highness Sultan Omar Ali Saiffudien had abdicated. The stamps were issued regardless of his portrait on the stamps but the year was overprinted 1968.

All these while I had this so called 'official' first day cover:

About two months ago, a senior officer from Dewan Bahasa sent me another cover and asked me how much the value of that cover as he wanted to buy it for the department. That stumped me and suddenly I realised that it was a new cover. I went through my collection and realised that in the past different covers were made for each issuance and apparently they were all done privately. I had been checking eBay diligently for that cover for the last few weeks. Yesterday I found that I already had that alternate cover and I might as well share it here:

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