Friday, November 23, 2007

Antartica $1 2007

I stumbled upon this Antartica $1 note of 2007. When it arrived I thought it was one of the most beautiful paper money I have ever seen. I wanted to get more of the series and also to learn more about who is using money in Antartica. All I could get from the note was that it was exchangeable at par with the US dollar. I was under the impression that it was a US government agency's note. But I was wrong. The money was issued by the Antartica Exchange Office which is a private organisation who claimed to use the proceeds from the sale of the money to fund projects in Antartica. I sure hope so. But the money is indeed nice. I reproduced the Antartica Exchange Office introduction:-

We produce high quality collector's items in the appearance of a national money for Antarctica. Our bills are not legal tender money of Antarctica or anywhere else, but we do honor them for their face value throughout their validity period.

We designate a substantial portion of our revenues to be awarded to groups seeking funding for projects in Antarctica. We have donated money to the Students on Ice Program to send high school students to Antarctica via Argentina and will probably continue to make grants to this program. We makes grants as far as tax deductions allow us and are working on expanding our revenue base with other similar items to increase revenues further and attain our goals faster.

We are always interested in applying the newest technologies to produce colorful, well made and technologically advanced collector's items that will grace the finest collections. We hope you will consider a purchase of our products.

Our collector bills have been sent to Antarctica several times for orders and they are known of there. We have shipped to many countries and US states. We have received many mentions in national and international collector publications.

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