Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pakistani Rupees

I was in Islamabad in December to attend a meeting. The last time I was in Islamabad was way back in 1997. I realised that a lot has changed. The public places where in those days I could travel to are now closed to traffic.

The most important thing for visitors to this blog is that the money has changed. Here are the obverse of the notes being issued nowadays. Note that the 20 Rupees have been replaced. According to the people I spoke to, the old 20 Rupees looked like the 5000 Rupees and hence the confusion. I thought the old 20 Rupees is much smaller than the 5000 Rupees and it is quite hard to think that these were alike. Anyway, the new 20 Rupees were much more colourful.

The Pakistani Rupees start from 5 Rupees and goes all the way to 5000 Rupees.