Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Brunei Stamps 1924-1937

If anything, there is an orgasmic, if I am allowed to use that word, for me. This is the final complete set of all the Brunei stamp sets prior to the second world war that I need to complete. Before this I have the 1895 set, the 1907 set, the 1908 set, the 1922 set and the 1947 set. The missing 1924/1937 set had three stamps short.

This the 1924/1937 series of Brunei stamps, the final 3 stamps arrived yesterday. This set had the most changes in its 13 year existence. For instance the 5c stamp appeared three times each a different colour. This set also introduced a new design of the Kampong Ayer and the capital. Take a good look.

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