Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brunei $100 Hassanal Bolkiah B Series

This Brunei $100 Hassanal Bolkiah B Series is probably one of the harder notes to find. The B Series came out in mid 1980s to replace the Hassanal Bolkiah A Series which came out in 1972. However the higher value notes were prone to sophisticated counterfeiting. In fact when I was the Deputy at Tabung Amanah Pekerja in the early 1990s, I recalled during those early days we had not yet placed a currency violet light checker yet. One of the notes were received was actually a counterfeit. It was soon after that every single counter were fitted with the currency detector.

This particular used note (graded probably EF or XF) was sold to me at $130 by a local dealer. Since this is one of those those harder to find notes but at that price, it is not that bad. However on the internet especially on ebay the price would be much higher.

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