Monday, February 11, 2008

Saudi Arabia Haj Riyals 1956

Here are the 1 Riyal and 5 Riyal which was issued by Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority way back in 1956 to be used by Haj Pilgrims. These are among the earliest of all Saudi Arabian Riyals in paper form. Before that only coins were used. Surprisingly people like it and Saudi Arabia introduced the first proper riyal for circulation in Saudi in 1961.

These riyals are interesting as there are other languages on it including Malay. On the reverse, one can read in Jawi that the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority promises to refund you in full to the amount of one riyal or five riyal as the case may be.


jaserd said...


for sell ?

I am from Saudi Arabia

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MYD said...

I just want to know the exact current value of such a precious Saudi Arabia Hajj Riyals issued in 1953.

jaserd said...
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jaserd said...

This washed with water !

1 Riyal Hajj = from 3 To 5 $
5 Riyal Hajj = from 15 To 25 $

* This is my opinion