Friday, May 2, 2008

Kelantan Malaya Borneo Expo 1922

During my trip to Singapore a couple of weeks ago, I went round the philatelic shops there. I did not have anything specific but I just wanted to see if there are any gems that other people have overlooked or something which I have not bought before. I came across a few stamp collections of the Malaya Borneo Exhibition. The Malaya Borneo Exhibition of 1922 was when the Straits Settlement Government in Singapore decided to have a big expo with products from the Federated Malay States, the Unfederated Malay States pus a different sort of federation like Brunei.

Anyway, all the states produced 'new' stamps which are their existing stamps and overprinted that with the words 'Malaya Borneo Expo'. I have the complete Brunei set and now I am slowly builing up on the other states as well. This one is the 'cents' values of the Kelantan set.


erika tan said...

hi- i'm doing some research on the 1922 malaya borneo exhibition - and came across your site. i was wondering how far you'd got in your collecting of the whole set of exhibition stamps? i'm interested in trying to see the whole lot and cross reference them. i am an artist and was thinking about trying to do some work around the visual components used in the stamps - so trying to get some better visual representations - am not based in asia- so not easy to come across - i noted you have put a few really good scans up, just wondering if you have shared any more then this ?

erika tan said...
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