Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Singapore $50 1990

I bumped into one of my junior colleagues at MOF yesterday. I was there defending my ministry's budget request for the next financial year. He told me that he had something that I might be interested in. He showed me a $1,000 worth of $50 Singapore notes.

I already had a few of these notes. I was quite surprised that he had 20 pieces of them. My colleague travelled frequently but even then I was surprised that he had managed to collect about 20 pieces of these notes. They are not rare but certainly you don't find them laying about. He asked me how much they are worth. Used notes are difficult to judge so I can't answer him. He said that someone offered to buy each note for $55. I thought that was a bit cheap but they are used. Anyway to cut a long story short I got a few of those notes. Who knows when I will see 20 of them again in the future.

These Singapore notes I think were the first time that Singapore forayed into the polymer notes. It was certainly an experiment back in 1990 for them. The notes were issued to commemorate Singapore's 25th Anniversary of their independence.


Linda Hamilton said...

Their independence, their independence, such a valorous dump, it's worse than Kuwana

Gibson Chu Gek Siang said...

Since you have few pieces of sgd $50, would you mind to exchange one for me? I'm very interested in collecting notes..

Max Ackermann said...

Their independence, their independence, what an antediluvian town, it's worse than Berlin

Angelica J Obregon said...

Singapore singapore, such an attenuated country, i'd prefer Eritrea