Friday, July 22, 2011

Brunei's New Currency Notes

I was curious as to whether the local banks have the new currency notes in circulation. Most said next week, the notes will be available. But I found one local bank which has them now. Here are the first images of the Brunei new currency notes in circulations:

The $1 note. The blue colour I thought was much lighter than the previous currency notes. Other than the portrait of His Majesty and the new see-through, the bunga simpur, the national flower, has increased in size. The reverse has obviously changed from a scene from the forest to a scene of Bandar Seri Begawan, the Brunei capital.

The $5 note lost the pitcher plant and that was replaced by a Bunga Kunyit. The reverse too is now the picture of the Lapau, Brunei's former Legislative Assembly building.

The $10 note also lost its keladi plant and this is replaced by the rancah-rancah. The reverse now depicts the Al-Jame Asr Mosque.


virendra yadav said...

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poli275 said...

Dear Mr Rozan, do you know if any uncut sheets of this new note will be on sale?

tiaolou003 said...
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IndoHound said...

Hello Mr Rozan

Is it possible to purchase some of these notes for delivery to Indonesia?
Also, I am interested if the 50 Cent Brunei 2002 date is really as scarce as mentioned in the Krause & Malaysian catalogs. Have you got one in your collection? Can you check the mintage figures with your Currency Board seeing as you work for the government?


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