Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brunei Stamps 1908 Collection

I was at my uncle's a couple of nights ago looking through his collection. He had some of his own but when he was in the States, he managed to get the entire pre 1998 Brunei stamps collection. My uncle lent me that album during Hari Raya but I could only glance through it. A couple of nights ago, I took the opportunity to have a thorough outlook. What I realised was that I had some of the stamps which I thought was missing.

So I spent a half hour searching through my spare stamps. And guess what? I really did have some of the missing stamps to complete my collection. And guess what for the second time? I have the entire 1908 stamp collection plus the colour changes from 1908 to 1916! Though this set is more common and the highest price I could get was only RM900 for the entire set.

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