Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brunei $25 1992

Every now and then, I come across this $25 paper money. Recently my sister managed to get a few pieces for me. I had a few but my stocks dwindled down when I left MOF one and a half year ago.

This $25 note was issued to commemorate His Majesty's 25th Anniversary of ascending the throne in 1992. His Majesty ascended the throne in 1967 when his father, Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddin Saadul Khairi Waddien abdicated the throne.

On the front of the note, you can see the royal chariot which was used by His Majesty during his coronation as the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam in 1968. The chariot is the master show at the Royal Regalia Museum in Bandar. At the back of the note, you can see His Majesty being crowned by his father.

This $25 note is worth around US$30 for uncirculated notes.


Bradpetehoops said...

Amazing blog, have a nice day! Mabuhay! [Philippines Greeting]

me said...

I have a pair of this note in my collection. Bought them some years ago. What I am interested to know is that was this note popular (in circulation) among the people in Brunei? Like some of those notes in Malaysia (RM20) and Singapore ($20, $500), we all know that these denominations were not that popular and as such both respective Central banks creased to issue them (except Singapore $20, 2007 note). Any idea what was the quantity printed?

Sam Walsh said...

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Jacqueline Castillo said...

Stop asking this form of questions... Money is not salient

Lucio Milani said...

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