Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Brunei Stamps 1895

I managed to get the whole sheet of 1 cent 1895 Brunei stamps the other day. These stamps were printed in 1895 when a Mr Robertson persuaded Sultan Hashim that he can provide a postal service in Brunei if he is allowed to keep the sales of stamps outside Brunei. His Majesty Sultan Hashim can keep any revenues received for sale of stamps in Brunei.

What Robertson wanted to do was gain revenues from stamp collectors at that time (too many). But his postal service did not last long and died a few years after. But his stamps remained though still not accepted as a 'genuine' issue by some stamp purists. Stanley Gibbons included the 1895 in their catalogue but Scot Catalogue does not even now. Consequently the 1895 stamps considered as speculative has a lower value than the actual official stamp issued by the government in 1905.

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