Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Straits Settlement Coin 1/4 cent 1901

When I saw this coin, I thought to myself why would anyone want to have a quarter cent? But then of course, we have to remember that a 100 years ago (this is a 1901 coin), one cent was a lot of money. Most coins were one cent, of course, there were $1 coin too (the British Trade Dollar was very popular) but at the very lowest level, 1/4 cents and 1/2 cents were also in use.


razali said...

how much the value for that qtr cents coins. i've one of its, 1884 edittion

razali said...

how much value for this qtr cents coins. i've one of its, yr 1884

vin said... may cost few thosands ringgit..

vin said...

it may be worth few thousands ringgit