Thursday, October 25, 2007

Labuan 1902 Stamps

I have been tried to complete the Brunei 1906 first official issues but I am still 2 stamps short. The last two are the most elusive and if I do find them, each will be in the three figure category. So, that will really hurt financialy.

I got the next best thing the other day. Since that 1906 stamps are overprints of Labuan's stamps - why not get the Labuan sets? So I did. Here are the entire Labuan 1902 set of which only a handful are actually used by Brunei in 1906. The funny thing was that the Labuan set had the entire range of prices and yet on the Brunei stamps, you would find the 16 cents Labuan being overprinted for uses as 10c, 25c, 30c and 50c stamps. It must have been that it was only the leftover Labuan stamps that are used and the 16c stamps must have been overstocked.

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