Friday, October 5, 2007

Euro 2008 Stamps

This is completely unintentional. One of the items I sold on ebay did not make money. It was an FDC of the Crown Prince and Princess Sarah wedding of 2004. Not only did it not get the price to cover the cost of the FDC but I found out later on paypal can't be used and I have to pay for the postage for the buyer to send me the money. Anyway, his money finally arrived but I wasn't that interested in it (it was only US$3.00) but what was on the envelope was a block sheet of the Euro 2008 stamps!

That alone pay for for whatever loss I suffered. Anyway, these ones are from Austria who will be co-hosting the European 2008 Football Championships (UEFA Euro 2008) together with Switzerland. The stamps feature Trix and Flix, the two mascots for the games. Incidentally Trix and Flix were chosen after a three way tie with two other choices which were Zagi and Zigi, and Flitz and Bitz. Trix and Flix got about 36% of the votes. The Euro 2008 also has a slogan - "Expect Emotions." If you can make it to Europe next year, head for Basel, Geneva, Berne, Zurich, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna and Klagenfurt. Klagenfurt?

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