Friday, August 24, 2007

Brunei's unique 1907 3 cents stamp

According to the catalog this stamp is worth between RM$400 to RM$600 which makes the US$19.95 I paid for it a bargain. This is a normal 1907 Brunei 3 cents stamp. I have a number of these stamps and probably can give it away without much problem. When this came on the market, I thought why would anyone want to sell this common stamp? Luckily I had my catalog book with me and I realised the value is worthwhile for me to splash out twenty bucks. So I did.

What makes it unique is that this stamp is supposedly a specimen stamp. It was not supposed to be used and was handed out for postal authorities to inspect. Hence, that little overprint named "specimen". So far this is the only one I have ever seen. I don't want to see another one as the prices will start falling if too many of these specimens are found.

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