Friday, August 29, 2008

Brunei Stamps Definitive 1947

One young lady answered my appeal for the misssing Brunei stamps. By today I will get a used set. I am still waiting for my mint set. So if there are mint sets out there, please let me know.

She wanted to know more about one particular stamp a 15c 1947 definitive. So I thought I will highlight the entire 1947 set. The 1947 set was produced after the Japanese occupation. So all Japanese stamps were to be replaced with an entirely new set of colour. The entire mint set would set you back around $200 catalog value making it affordable to most collectors. There are some high values, the $10 stamp is worth $140 singly, the $5 stamp is worth around $36 and the $1 stamp is worth around $18.

But if you can get your hands on a 1c stamp where the A of the watermark CA is missisang its A is worth around $2,500.00. The 5c retouch if you can get it is worth around $275 each. The sky retouch on 2c stamp would be worth around $150.

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semes1 said...

Mr. BR, I read your article is very interesting to me & want to share with you that I have (1) 1924 March-37_5 cents orange-yellow retouch; (2) 1908 12th June-1916_1 cent green watermark inverted or reversed and (3)few sets of 1947 (2nd January-51),set of 14, fine used & unmounted mint plus few sets of colors changes & new values.