Friday, September 5, 2008

Brunei Japanese Occupation 30c Stamp

This is the 16th stamp of the 20 stamp set of Brunei Japanese Occupation. The others which I am looking for is the 6c red stamp, the $5, the $25 and $3 overprints which all have catalog values of four to give digits.

This 30c stamp cost me US$135. Its catalog value is much lower at around US$100 but the opening bidding price was already at US$125. So the catalog value should be revalued higher. I had a tough time searching for this stamp and the moment I saw it I thought I will grab it.

It's an ordinary 30c 1924 issue but I think by the time of the Japanese occupation, there was not much of this issue left for them to overprint. Hence the scarcity of it. Similarly with the 8c grey which has a catalog value of around $2,000+. I purchased that the other day for around M$700+.


Snorkell said...

I have the $25, $1, 50c 25c 10c 2c 1c stamps.
The Conditions vary, they are used. The $25 appears to me to be good to very good condition.
I am willing to discuss further if you are interested.

Rozan Yunos said...

Thanks Snorkell. Email me please Thanks.

myuniversalstuff said...

Snorkell, do you have $25 Brunei?

email me with the picture:

azman said...

i have the Brunei revenue stamps of 5c,10c,25c,50c and $1. used stamps from non japanese occupations.and Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien stamps of 2 c,3c,4c,6c,8c,15c and 25c
my email-sandmanz_76@hotmail.comeye

azman said...
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