Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Disney Dollars

Every now and then to calm my nerves trying to win bids for Brunei dollars and stamps on ebay, I would go and bid for the Disney dollars. Disney dollars are more fun and less stressful. The above are the ones released for 2008 and in time for Disney's 80th Anniversary. Disney dollars are reasonable but the older ones are rising in prices. What are Disney Dollars?

Disney Dollars were released to the public on May 5th., 1987. Disney Dollars came in one and five dollar denominations from 1987 thru 1989. Starting in 1990 they added the Disney ten dollar bill. Disney Dollars are redeemable for goods or services at the Disney theme parks, Disney cruise ships, and the Disney stores.

Disney Dollars are printed in "A" dollars and "D" dollars. The "A" Disney Dollars created for Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the "A" refering to Anaheim, and the "D" Disney Dollars for Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. Starting in 2005 Disney Dollars are also available as "T" dollars. Also In 2005 , Disney offered a Fifty Disney Dollar bill that was designed by Disney master artist for 39 years, Charles Boyer for Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Celebration. Charles Boyer also personally signed a select number of these. In 2007 "E" & "F" prefix Disney Dollars were added.

Disney Dollars are beautifully printed in bright, vibrant colors. The intaglio printing process used to print Disney Dollars allows you to "Feel The Steel" on the paper, as banknote engravers would say. Disney Dollars are much sought after collectables by Disney collectable fans.

New Disney dollars have been produced every year since 1987 except 1992, 2004 and 2006. Disney Dollars can be exchanged dollar for dollar with US currency. The Disney Dollar is a source of revenue for the Walt Disney Company as it is assumed a certain number of Disney dollars will never be redeemed, and will be gobbled up by collectors.

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Unknown said...

Good morning, I have been asked to appraise some items for our Pastor who is retiring and I was wondering if anyone could help with these values?
He has 5 sheets of uncut disney dollars. Framed, perfect mint unc condition
$1 Mickey's 65th birthday
$5 Goofy first day 1987A 11/300
$1 Mickey first day 1987A 385/400
$10 Minnie First day 5/5/87 385/400
$5 goofy First day 5/5/87 383/400