Monday, December 22, 2008

Qatar Riyal 500

My DM went to Qatar in November and I asked his PA to get me Qatar's 500 Riyal note. When I went to Qatar in January earlier this year to lead the negotiation team for Brunei-Qatar Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement, I forgot to save the 500 Riyal note. I think I did but I had to pay for something on the last day and I had to use it.

This time round, I made sure that I got the 500 Riyal note which is worth just slightly more than B$200. The note is a polymer and had a small window in the middle of it. This is like the new Qatari 100 Riyal note.

The Qatari notes have a special place in my life. It was the last country I went to as a Ministry of Finance official. The day after I arrived back in Brunei, I was promoted to my current job.

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