Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Azerbaijan's Manat


I have never been to Azerbaijan. The closest I have been probably is when I was in Russia and when I was in Iran. Then sometime last February I was informed that there will be a meeting on Intercultural in Azerbaijan and I was secretly hoping that I could go but it clashed with another meeting which I had to attend in Tehran.

However our Deputy Minister went to represent Brunei Darussalam and I asked her to keep all the Azerbaijan's money and exchanged with me. When she came back, she gave me the set and those six are currently the currency notes used in Azerbaijan. The back of the notes are standard - Azerbaijan's map. So only the front depicted the various cultural aspect of the country. The notes are all of different sizes from 1 Manat being the smallest and the 100 Manat being the largest.

The value of the Manat is also very high. This 186 Manat notes cost me B$299.

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Mehdi said...

Salam, Rosan, Azerbaijan has updated its notes to the SERIES B and year 2009