Saturday, September 8, 2007

Malaya British Borneo $1 1959

My mother in law gave me this $1 note yesterday. I know the history of this $1 note quite well even without looking it up. This $1 was issued in 1959 to replace the $1 note which bore the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II which was issued in 1953. This is the last $1 note that Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei used before each of three countries produced their own note in 1967.

I am always intrigued by how the authorities wanted a common identity. You have to bear in mind that the notes issued prior to this one had Queen Elizabeth, King Edward and King George. The common identity they could come up with was this small fisherman sailing boat.

Anway, this particular note that I have is more valuable than the usual $1 note of the same design. This note is printed by Waterlowe and Sons who was the first printer. Subsequent ones were printed by Thomas De La Rue. Since Waterlowe did not print that many, any $1 note printed by Waterlowe automatically has a double value of whatever the value of this note.

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JollyGreenP said...

Memories, memories, I carried one of these notes around in my wallet for good luck for many years after we left Singapore in 1959. It was then relegated to the top drawer of the chest of drawers in my bedroom and has long since vanished.