Tuesday, September 4, 2007

100 Pound Brunei Stamp

These three stamps, believe it or not is worth 100 pounds each, that's right. Many many times their face values. When they came up on ebay, I had to really think whether I wanted them but luckily for me, no other bidders came and I managed to buy all three for about US$150 which is around $225 our money but still many times cheaper than the almost $900+ on their catalogue value.

These three, though have made my entire 1906 stamp collection still 2 stamps short. I have 10 of the 12. I am waiting for the 5cent and $1 stamp to complete the 1906 stamp collection. I wrote about the 1906 in my Golden Legacy column published on Brunei Times but for those who want a short version - these stamps arrived in 1906 in time for the launch of Brunei's official postal services. Brunei's own stamps did not arrive in time, so Labuan stamps were overprinted for use in Brunei.

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