Friday, September 28, 2007

Brunei's New $1 Polymer Note 2007

I was surprised to see a big jump in visitor numbers to this blog yesterday. I checked and saw that this page was linked to a blog which had this entry:

"Ich bekam gestern mehere Anfragen wegen einer Neuausgabe in Brunei. So liegt eine Information vor, dass Brunei gestern eine neue 1-Ringgit-Banknote ausgegeben haben soll ! Wenn dies stimmt, können wir noch die 5- bzw. 10-Ringgit-Banknoten erwarten mit dem neueren Abbild des Sultans. Bisher ist auf der bruneiischen Sammlerwebseite für Numismatik & Philatelie nichts erwähnt worden. Die Betreiber dieser Webseite sind auch nicht die schnellsten, aber dafür recht ausführlich."

And being a non-German speaker, I have to get it translated through one of those free translator website. Of course it's not perfect but I got the following translation:-

"I got yesterday mehere inquiries because of a reprint in Brunei. So an information lies before that Brunei should have issued yesterday a new 1-Ringgit-Banknote 1-Ringgit-Banknote 1-Ringgit-Banknote 1-Ringgit-Banknote BANKNOTE! If this agrees, we can yet that 5- and/or 10-Ringgit-Banknoten 10-Ringgit-Banknoten 10-Ringgit-Banknoten 10-Ringgit-Banknoten banknote expect with the newer copy of the sultan. Previously is on the bruneiischen collector web page for Numismatik & Philatelie nothing mentioned become. The operators of this web page are not also the fastest, but for that quite in detail."

The entry managed to criticise this blogsite but also commended it at the same time. Anyway, I had to check. So I asked the big boss at Brunei's Currency and Monetary Board and yes, yesterday was the new issuance of Brunei's $1 polymer note to all banks in Brunei. The note looked like this:-

Haha... It still looked the same but this new note is printed this year and the only distinguishing mark is the year 2007 printed at the back of the note. You need a magnifying glass to read it. A whole bunch of new $1 notes were printed to replace the 25,000,000 older polymer $1 notes printed in 1996. However no new design was made. It is still printed by Note Printing Australia (NPA). So, there you go. Brunei's new $1 polymer notes. Hope you get one in a green packet this coming Hari Raya. Selamat Hari Raya!


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Unknown said...

Freut mich das zu lesen :)
Gruß Polymat
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Rozan Yunos said...

If I read you right, then you are most welcome.

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Hello ROZAN,

please give me your Em@il !
Thank you
regards Thomas

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Owen W. Linzmayer said...

Thanks for posting the information about the new date variety $1.

I am the volunteer editor of the IBNS Journal, the quarterly printed publication of the International Bank Note Society, a non-profit organization with approximately 2,000 paper money collectors worldwide.

As part of my "job," I try to keep track of all new note issues worldwide. In the future, if anyone learns of a new note or variety, please share this info so that I can publish it in our journal. I will also post the information on my Banknote News web site.

Thanks in advance!