Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Malaya 20cents Paper Note 1941

The above is a 20 cents paper currency note issued in 1946, soon after World War II. It was printed in 1941 on a paper currency note as the British were afraid that they need all the metal for the war rather than printing coins. As it were, these paper coins were not used or sent to Malaya until after the end of the World War even though they were printed in 1941.

There is actually a 20 cents metal version which was more popular but this note served as a transition period currency note and for that it worthwhile to keep it. If you look on the back of the note (obverse), you can see Brunei's panji-panji which means this note was also used in Brunei.


jimmychua said...

Malaya 20cents Paper Note 1941 how much will in worth thanks

jimmychua said...

"Malaya 20cents Paper Note 1941" how much will it worth for today market value thanks