Sunday, September 23, 2007

ASEAN 2007 - Brunei's Secretariat Building

I have shown Singapore's, Malaysia's, Philippines' and Thailand's version of the whole ASEAN 2007 series of stamps to mark 40th anniversary of ASEAN. But I have never taken a closer look at the actual buildings in those stamps. So I thought I will take a closer look at Brunei's building in those stamps and in this case, it is the Secretariat Building.

The ASEAN 2007 is supposedly showing ASEAN Architecture of various countries. I am not sure whether the Secretariat Building qualifies it to be a Brunei design as it was a colonial design. I am sure we could have picked a better building to symbolise Brunei's architecture. What say the Architectural readers?

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Z.M said...

Hey, it's my first office back in 2004! Saw you couple of times too there Mr. BR (=