Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ASEAN Architecture 2007 - Malaysia

This is the first First Day Cover I received based on the ASEAN Architecture which is to commemorate the 40th of ASEAN Anniversary. All the ASEAN countries with the exception of Brunei and Myanmar (interesting company we keep) have issued their stamp sets, FDCs, maxicards etc. Ours is still languishing in bureaucratic approval process somewhere, or at least that's what the Philatelic people are telling me.

The stamps are similar except that these ones have the Malaysian Post on it. I have a Singapore and a Thailand one coming. I have an ebay friend who has kindly kept me a Vietnam one. I tried getting my hands on a Philippines one the other day but at US$8.50 minimum bid, I thought was a little bit too steep. I will post the others as they come.

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