Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brunei's Last $50 Paper Note

When you look at that $50 polymer note in your wallet or your purse, you can't quite remember what the $50 looked like before that. That is assuming you can find a $50 polymer note. They are becoming rarer too. I asked the Currency Board people and they said that banks normally wanted $1, $10 and $100 and rarely $50. It's because $50 notes are not normally dispensed by our banks' ATMs. Anyway I digressed.

The last $50 paper note is quite an attractive one. It is being sold on ebay on two buy it now sites for about US$69.99 and US$89.99 which is not bad considering it is only a few years ago that the note stopped being issued. In fact, this is the one note which I found quite attractive compared to a number of Brunei's paper notes. It also shows Brunei's main exports - that of an oil tanker on the front and on the reverse that of an oil rig. This is the only note that showed anything other than nature or buildings in Brunei.

My sister who worked in a bank managed to get hold of 10 pieces of these notes - condition AUNC (Almost Uncirculated) with interesting numbers. A depositor came in carrying 10 pieces of this in running numbers! So I have a running number of 10 here and I don't know how much that is worth on ebay.

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